Lecture/ Trunk show "Travel Through Quilt History"

In this one-hour lecture/ trunk show Rita will give you an insight into different time periods of American quilt making, from its humble beginnings as utilitarian necessity to it’s glorious statement of a Baltimore Album Quilt.  Rita will explore on the basis of her quilts various aspects of the art of the American quilt and quilt making. Rita will explore the history and versatility of patterns, the development and use of color in fabrics and find meaning in the artistic expression of quilters, which characterized the lives they lived. 

Rita will educate, humor and inspire you with her knowledge of history, personal experience and entertaining stories. Her contagious enthusiasm will ignite in everybody the desire to carry on the art of the American Quilt.

Fee: $500.00

Lecture Length: 1 hour

Class #1 : Roses of Delight as seen in "Baltimore Album of Roses"

Skill Level: Beginner 

Fee: $750.00

Class Length: 6 hours


Multilayered with nature inspired details, Rita uses ombres and printed fabrics to give her delicate roses and flowers a three dimensional effect. Baltimore Album stitchers used many different fabrics, each piece carefully selected and purposefully chosen for a desired effect. Rita teaches needle turn appliqué. In this class Rita focuses on stitching techniques for both novices and advanced quilters. Students will have the opportunity to learn all the basic appliqué skills: basic stitch, perfect points, inverted v's and valleys, reverse appliqué, and skinny stems and split leaves. 

To turn under a seam allowance with the help of a pin or needle requires a left hand- right hand eye coordination. Find out how to move your hands, how to pin correctly and how to position your stitch to achieve a masterful blind stitch. Learn how to turn under your seam allowance to master smooth curves, inverted v's and sharp points without any frays or unwanted noses.  

Furthermore Rita will discuss the tricks and techniques of choosing solid and printed fabrics that will enhance the design, shading, and dimension of a pattern. Rita will also demonstrate how detail inking and embroidery can further enhance your work.  

A full supply list will be provided upon booking.  Rita would like to invite you to use these tools to "paint your own rose".

Class #2: Flower Bouquet 

Skill Level: Beginner to Immediate

Fee: $750.00


The description is the same as the One Day Workshop "Roses of Delight" as seen above with the emphasis on a slightly more experienced student. 

A full supply list will be provided upon booking.

Class #3: Monarch Butterfly

Skill Level: Intermediate 


The naive charm of Baltimore album quilts still fascinates us to this day. Rita invites you to join her in this class for an in depth study of these wonders of craft and color. You will learn about the fabrics that were used then and ones Rita chooses now to suggest shading, contour and texture. Dimension, movement, and flow are added to the visual language of Rita's sample image with her use of fabric prints.  Rita will help you build your own fabric expression to create a beautiful story. 

This block will also revisit all appliqué skills like basic stitch, pointy leaves, inverted v's and valleys to assure your success to stitch this charming image.

A full supply list will be provided upon booking.  

Class #4: Flowers for Martha

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Fee: $1,350.00

Class Length: Class 4 is a 2-day workshop with an emphasis on a more experienced student



A block from an antique Baltimore Album Quilt was the inspiration for this stunning urn. The three center flowers and the flower on the urn are pieced and then appliquéd, another way to add dimension to appliqué. Skinny stems, sharp points, split leaves, tiny round curves and layered appliqué are the focus of this class. 

Learn about plain and overprinted rainbow fabrics and vermiculates and how the harmonious balance of theses styles of fabrics play an essential role in creating this beautiful design. 

A full supply list will be provided upon booking.